Our logo is a mixture of the Cross of Jesus, which gives strength to Faithful people, and the Chinese character for Blooming Tree, we hope to be a place for those whose ministry needs a time of Holy Renewal, Sacred Growth and Blooming in places which are yet unknown.

Feel Free to contact us at:

Sabbath Time Ministries
Rev. Dr. Hilary Barrett and
Rev. Daniel Moser
c/o Pleasantville United Church of Christ
3424 Limekiln Pike
Chalfont, PA 18914
or email


Sabbath Time Ministries

We Believe

We believe that renewal in our congregations begins with the care and renewal of pastors – those charged with the spiritual care and feeding of congregations.

We believe that if the church is to have a future in this radically different postmodern world it will be a future we discover through the poets and visionaries, the artists, writers, and preachers. It will unfold out of Sabbath time and experiments in new orders of servanthood, out of prayer and worship and charity in the old rich sense of that word. It will be disclosed in quiet solitude, in small group gatherings around the Word, and in the midst of the world’s cries of pain.

We believe that the age of the church planner is rapidly drawing to a close and the future of the Church will unfold out of the recovery of Sabbath